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Living Dangerously

Genre: Drama

Length: 97 Minutes

Synopsis: After a few near death experiences, Kent realized he had to change his way of life and move out of his old neighborhood if he wants to stay alive.

Treatment: How do you fight a mob of twenty teenagers when you are alone? How do you stand up to someone with a gun? How do you earn respect on the mean streets that has no rules and everyone or anyone could be your potential enemy?

A group of Cambodian American teenagers decide to stick together after the beating of their friend by gang members. What they didn't realize is their bond is the beginning of an end to innocence.

Living in a city where you have to expect the unexpected, you must have the guts to face those that want to harm you. Growing up in a harsh environment in the Bronx for a teenager is a struggle to survive.

For Kent Neou, that's exactly what he's doing, staying alive. With this in mind he knew he had to trust his instinct and use his street-smarts knowledge to his advantage. Knowing a mistake on the street could cost his friends their lives, Kent, being the smart one in the group, must make every decision as if it was his last.

When he and his friends are threatened with the most unimaginable choice, to kill or be killed, they choose to kill. The innocent life they once knew no longer exists. In order to walk down their own neighborhood and earn respect, he and his friends must protect their neighborhood and their friends at all costs, regardless of the circumstances. Soon, a simple idea, to protect and watch out for one another, turns into an all out war with their enemy that will leave only one man standing.

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