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Vibol S. Sungkriem

Director Vibol S. Sungkriem was born in Battambang, Cambodia in the midst of a civil war.  He and his family managed to escape the chaos and fled to the United States of America in search of a new beginning.

Upon arriving in the States in the early 1980’s, Vibol and his family settled in the “Big Apple” specifically the Bronx, New York. While growing up Vibol love going to the local movie theaters where he spent many hours watching and studying some of his favorite movies, fascinated by the culture and cinematography of American Cinema, he soon discovered a new found passion and interest for film making.

As a young adult, Vibol later enrolled at City College of New York University where he majored in Communications, Film and Video. While attending school he decided to purchase a camera, some lighting equipment and a non-linear editing system as some tools to get him started. He had his first start volunteering his services filming and documenting on such events as an on-campus student protest, as well as faculty meetings.

During the DVD revolution Vibol registered for a DVD authorizing class at a film school where by sheer luck, he was asked to participate in a music video class. Alongside other classmates, he was involved as one of the directors of a music video project called “Pump Your Back”.  Upon getting a small glimpse of what his dream could feel like, Vibol’s desire as a filmmaker grew more and more intensely.

Over time, Vibol garnered more experience serving as a boom operator for a short film called “Dante's Girls”, directed, produced and written a short film called Déjà Vu. He later directed a 30 minute film appropriately titled “One O'clock”, a film ironically enough about a young man working behind the scenes as a member of a film crew whom returns home late every night to strange things happening in his small New York apartment at yes, One O’clock.

Teaming up with three new producers from the New England area, Vibol collaborated on a feature film titled "A Moment in Time". A film about a young girl experiencing strange paranormal activities in a large Cambodian community set in the historical backdrop of Lowell, Massachusetts. 

Today Vibol has written many screenplays, his experience ranges from not only working behind the cameras but he is also skilled in the field of lighting, Pro Tools, sound recording and editing as well.  He also served as Video Assistant Director for AFI NYC Sales and an assistant Aerial Camera Unit during the commercial shoot.

Despite early hardship during his youth, Vibol managed to stay positive and remain focused on his goal on becoming a young filmmaker.  Realizing that his dream was not far out of reach, Vibol knew that the difference between being successful and unsuccessful was merely a drive that came from within, and the determination to succeed must outweigh the desire to give in. Failure was not an option.

A dream is a powerful tool which one might posses.  It doesn’t matter what kind of trouble you’ve encountered in your life, if you believe, then your dreams may one day guide you and can keep you from falling through the cracks. To this day Vibol still strives to become a better filmmaker, constantly working to better his craft as he continues to work diligently toward his goals and never abandoning his core values, the same values that have gotten him to where he is today.