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My name is Vibol S. Sungkriem. I was born in Battambang, Cambodia. My family fled the country during the Civil War. We arrived in the United States in November 1983 and settled in the Bronx, New York.

When I was young I love going to the theater. I was fascinated with the gunfight and cinematography of American movies. After years sitting in the movie theater it has convinced me to become a filmmaker.

1994 was the year that broadened my horizon. I started college at the City College of New York University. I was majoring in Communications Film and Video, as it was known then. While in school I decided to purchase a camera, few lights and non-liner editing system to get myself started. I started out by volunteering on such activity as filming students protesting at the campus and students and facilities meetings.

During the DVD revolution something extraordinary happened to me. I registered for DVD authorizes class at a Film School. By share luck I was asked to be in a music video class. I worked on a music video called Pump Your Back with other students. I was one of the directors that worked on the video.

After the music video I was asked to be a boom operator for a short film called Dante's Girls, directed, produced and written a shot film called Deja Vu, directed a half an hour film called One O'clock, AFI NYC Sales Video Assistant Director and aerial Camera Unit Assistant for MRG International. I also wrote several screenplays. My experiences ranged from Pro Tools, Lighting, Sound Recordings and Editing.

Even though I went through a lot of hardship during my youth, I managed to pull myself together. I realized a dream is a powerful tool that one can own. It doesn't matter what kind of troubles you encounter, dreams will keep you from falling through the cracks. Nothing is impossible if the desire to have surpassed the desire to quit.

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Robert O’Haire

Robert O’Haire has worked in the film industry since 1988 and has filmed and recorded in some of the finest and most infamous venues for artists including Anne Waldman, Derek Bailey, Jimmy Carl Black, Bill Dixon, Deborah Harry, Ice-T, John Zorn, Anthony Braxton, Lou Reed, Queen Latifah and Cecil Taylor.

Robert was born and raised in Long Island, NY and now lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with his wife Sokuntheary and daughter Hana.


Film Trucks, NYC – Film Rental House (lighting & cable department), Breitrose/Seltzer - Sound Stage (stage manager), Big City Films – Sound Stage (stage manager), “Squeeze Box - The Movie” (Documentary) (associate producer, sound recordist, camera operator) featuring: Nina Hagen, Deborah Harry, John Waters, Mudd Jeans - 35mm “College Days” nationwide TV spot (sound recordist), “That’s Beautiful Frank” – DV feature - starring Edgar Oliver (sound recordist), “Afterparty” – nightlife reality based TV for FUSE network (sound recordist), “The Vampire’s Revenge” Dom Minasi – (DV web doc) (sound recordist, camera operator), “Curvation” - national radio spot with Queen Latifah (sound recordist), NYC Park's Department Music Festival – Fort Greene Park, Brower Park, Von King Park, High Bridge Park, Cadman Park Plaza - featuring: Big Daddy Kane, Beatnuts, Roy Ayers (sound recordist), “I Own Vermont” - DV Short - (sound recordist), “Hamlake” 35mm short starring Josh Hartnett (sound recordist), “Bounce Squad” - Reality TV pilot (sound recordist), “Car Seat & Sign Language” American Baby – DV industrial (sound recordist), “Blood Lodge” - DV horror feature (sound recordist), Landmark Signs – DVD industrial (producer, director), “Belzervizion” – Richard Belzer web comedy (sound recordist) multiple episodes, “Advil - The Office” – HD industrial (sound recordist), “The Stone: Issue Two – Fred Frith / Chris Cutler – Live at The Stone” Tzadik cd-special edition-0003 (sound engineer), “Thira” – HD-indie feature (post-production) (sound recordist), Wyeth – Corp Training video (sound recordist) , EMI Music – Industrial (sound recordist), “NYC Music” - (DV web doc) Anton Nadler: director (sound recordist), “Living Dangerously” – trailer for HD feature – Vibol S. Sungkriem: director (sound recordist), “Topps Santa” – web industrial - Spike Lee: production (sound recordist), John Zorn/Lou Reed/Laurie Anderson - Stone benefit (multi-track recording & mixdown)



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